Lakers Komaiya  DSC_0054

In the summer of 2009, I am sitting at my dining table reflecting on how I have come to be at a stuck point. Life is slowly coming to a standstill. The hope of achieving any dream I had in my childhood and early adult life is gradually fading away. The more people I discuss with, the more I realise that a vast majority of individuals have had or are having a similar experience.

Recognising that my reality stems from what my mind creates, I begin to study how the mind and the spirit of man may work together to create or fail to create a preferred reality – paying particular attention to my and others’ life experience. I realise that the things I do or fail to do, with regards to living the preferred future I may have earlier envision are usually based on my believability of the vision coming to pass. Furthermore, I soon realise that I unconsciously erect mental blocks between me and the life I want to live. Hence, based on this findings, I began a process of mind reprogramming – kind of getting rid of all the viruses and mental barriers thereof. As I commit to this new habit I began to experience impressive changes in every area of my life.

In a nutshell, the aim of this forum is to create a platform that enables people to experience a mind transformation, so they can break free of all self-imposed limitations and in the process become their authentic self thereby enabling them to live a rich and impactful life.


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